Doctors Discuss Causes of Hand Numbness or Tingling

It’s an odd feeling and worrisome feeling when your hands and fingers “tingle” or you notice numbness in one of the joints of your fingers or in your thumb. In most cases these symptoms are caused by conditions that aren’t serious and that are easily treated. However, in some cases the tingling or numbness can be an indication of something more serious.

However, tingling or numbness can be the result of a number of conditions, it is best to get it evaluated by a board certified specialist, like Macomb County hand and elbow doctor, Dr. Rehman. In the meantime, our Macomb County doctors have listed some of the most common causes of hand tingling or numbness.

However, your tingling or numbness is accompanied by swelling, or if you have sharp, “shooting” or radiating pain up your arm, it is important to see a board certified hand doctor as soon as possible, as this could signal a medical condition requiring urgent attention.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway located on the palm side of your wrist. One of the main nerves to your hand runs through this tunnel, as do the nine tendons that bend your fingers. In cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, compression of this nerve can cause numbness, tingling, and eventual weakening of the hand itself.

Sometimes this compression is the result of repetitive motion activities. But there may be a genetic predisposition to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well. For some people, the carpal tunnel is narrower and more at risk for irritation of the nerve running through it.

Trigger Finger or Trigger Thumb

“Trigger Finger” or “texting thumb” can also cause numbness, tingling or weakness in the hand . Typically the result of overuse injuries, trigger finger or thumb affects women more often than men. It is also often associated with people who have diabetes. People whose work or hobbies require repeated gripping actions are at higher risk of developing trigger finger or trigger thumb.

The condition gets its name because the affected finger or thumb will “snap back” into place like a trigger releasing. Inflammation of the tendon in the affected appendage is the culprit here, and if the condition is severe, the finger or thumb may be locked into a bent position.


Tendons are the thick cords in the body that attach the muscles to the bones. If tingling in the hands or fingers is present, especially if a  burning sensation is noted, the tendons in the wrist or near the hand may be irritated, inflamed or swollen. This can be the result of a repetitive motion injury, or it could be due to an acute injury such as occurs in sports. Tendons also become less elastic as we age, and tendon damage can occur more easily in individuals over 50.

Treatment for Hand Tingling – Macomb County Doctor

If you are experiencing numbness or tingling in your hands and fingers, contact a Macomb County board certified hand surgeon Doctor Rehman for a complete evaluation. Many causes of hand tingling and numbness can be treated with minimally invasive procedures such as rest, applying cold packs, anti-inflammatory medication and sometimes corticosteroid injections. If the minimally invasive procedures don’t provide relief, surgery may be considered.

The hand and wrist are delicate structures, upon which you rely for every daily activity. So it is important to have a specialist who is trained and experienced in the hand and wrist to insure a good outcome and a full recovery.

Dr. Rehman has a team of hand therapists who will design a program of hand and wrist exercises and occupational therapy to return your affected hand, finger or thumb to full function and strength. Dr. Rehman is a Macomb County hand surgeon who specializes in conditions and injuries to the hand, fingers, wrist and arm.

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