How Hand Doctors Treat Dislocated Fingers

A dislocated finger is a painful injury where the bones of the finger are forced out of normal alignment by an impact or trauma. Dislocated fingers are a fairly common sports injury, but can also be caused by any overly aggressive act of reaching, grabbing, pulling, or pushing in day to day activities.

How to Know if Your Finger is Dislocated

In most cases, you will immediately know if your finger has been dislocated – since you will be able to see that the finger is out of alignment with the rest. The pain will also typically be quite severe.

Do NOT try to fix a dislocated yourself, or have someone move, push or “pop” it back into place. Dislocated fingers require immediate medical care. See a hand doctor immediately, or go to an emergency room. Do not delay.

If you suspect your finger is dislocated, the only thing you should do is immobilize the finger, put an ice pack on it to limit swelling, and head to the hand doc tor or ER.

You have a maximum of 5 to 6 hours to get a dislocated finger treated by a hand doctor or qualified health care professional. If not treated within this time period, recovery and rehabilitation can be difficult – even leading to permanent long term damage.

How Hand Doctors Treat a Dislocated Finger

The hand doctor or ER doctor may x-ray to confirm that a bone hasn’t been broken the finger and see the dislocation in more detail. She will then properly put the finger is back in place.

In more severe dislocations, surgery may be required to correct a dislocated finger.

Over the counter aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and naproxen may typically be used to relieve the pain. However, the hand doctor may prescribe a stronger, short-term prescription pain reliever.

After the doctor has treated the dislocation, and the swelling has completely subsided, the doctor may give you permission to use heat to make the finger feel better.

Recovering from a Dislocated Finger

Everybody heals differently – depending upon their age, joint & bone health, and severity of the dislocation. It can take from 4 to 6 weeks to recover from a dislocated finger, if you required surgery.

Most patients will be required to wear a protective splint – or have the injured finger taped to a supporting finger – for several weeks. You will also need to avoid any activities that put your dislocated finger at risk of a trauma, fall, or impact.

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