Minimizing the Stress of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Ways to Minimize the Stress of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The initial symptoms may be innocuous and fleeting; an ache in the wrist which may then extend into the forearm or into the hand. Later, as the condition develops, you may notice numbness or tingling in the hands or fingers, or pain that begins radiating through the entire arm. Sometimes weakness is present in the arms or the hand, and grasping objects can be difficult. Oftentimes the symptoms will be most severe upon waking up in the morning, or when using your hands.

Here are some ways to minimize the stress on your hands:

When doing tasks, reduce your force and relax your grip. Try putting foam padding around gardening or other tools to cushion your grip. Most people use more force than is required when gripping an object.

Watch how you hold your wrists. Repetitive motions performed by cashiers, hairdressers, sewers and workers using a keyboard can contribute to Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Ideally, you should keep your wrists straight or very slightly bent.

Take frequent breaks; set a timer for every hour or two to remind you to take a break. Stretch, bend and massage your wrists and hands to promote circulation and blood flow.

Be sure your form is correct when performing repetitive tasks on the computer, with tools, or in sports. Be sure your equipment fits you properly and consult a coach to make sure your posture and form are correct. When working on a keyboard, make sure your posture is correct. Incorrect posture can cause your shoulders to roll forward, and shorten the muscles in the neck and shoulders, causing the nerves in your neck to be compressed. This in turn can affect your wrist, fingers and hands.

Ice can be helpful to reduce pain and inflammation, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can often help.

Wearing a wrist splint may also help, especially to keep the wrist straight at night, when many people have a tendency to curl the wrists. Bracing the wrist at night will help you keep it straight, reducing the discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome in the morning.

If you or someone you know is experiencing pain, tingling, numbness or pain in the wrist and hand, contact Dr. Rehman’s office today. She will do a complete evaluation, and her experienced team of hand therapists will use a variety of modalities to help you get relief and to return the wrist and hand to full functioning. And, if surgery should be required, Dr. Rehman is a hand specialist, and has performed many successful Carpal Tunnel release procedures. Contact Dr. Rehman today to get relief from the pain and back on the road to full strength and mobility.

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