Hand Doctors Explain Common Fingernail Conditions

Cracked, painful or discolored finger nails don’t just make your hands look bad, they can also be an indication that you have a medical condition or other health issues.

Additionally, while some over-the-counter remedies can provide temporary relief, these drugstore remedies may not really get to the root of the underlying problem. Then the fingernail condition can worsen and spread, and become not just unsightly but quite painful!

Clarkston, MI hand and fingernail doctor Dr. Rehman is specially trained to diagnose and treat nail conditions. She has helped hundreds of patients in the Clarkston, Waterford & Bloomfield Hills area get relief from unattractive or painful fingernail conditions.

In this article, Doctor Rehman explains a few of the more common medical conditions affecting the fingernails.

Fungal Infections of the Fingernails

Probably the most common cause of fingernail problems, fungal infections can be caused or aggravated by hot or humid environments, perspiring, conditions, genetic tendencies, or a suppressed immune system.

Fungus is present in all humans, but when the system gets out of balance, the fungus can grow and spread. This can cause fingernail discoloration, and a thickening of the nail. Even worse, the fungus can spread from toenails to fingernails, and across the feet and hands.

Prescription-strength anti-fungal medication is typically required to defeat a fungal fingernail or toenail infection. So you should never wait to see the doctor about this condition.

Terry’s Nails

In this medical condition, the fingernail bed turns an unusual white color, the nails become opaque and you may see a dark band at the tip. This means that the fingernails may even have begun to detach from the nail bed, causing the change in color.

Terry’s Nails can be related to a fungal condition in some cases. However, people on chemotherapy or with liver conditions can sometimes experience this condition. Terry’s Nails can also be related to anemia and low iron.

As there are many medical causes of Terry’s Nails, it is important to see a fingernail or hand doctor as soon as possible.

Brittle Fingernails

Thin, frail, brittle or crumbling fingernails often indicates a deficiency in vitamins, with a Vitamin B7 deficiency often being implicated. However, brittle nails can also be indicative of fingernail psoriasis, a thyroid disorder, a fungal infection, an iron deficiency or iron-deficiency anemia.

Supplementing with over-the-counter vitamins can help, however this will not cure the underlying medical condition that is causing the nails to become thin and brittle.

As with other fingernail conditions, there are many medical causes of Brittle Nails, so it is important to see a fingernail or hand doctor as soon as possible.

Top Clarkson MI Fingernail & Hand Doctor

Your fingernails should be sturdy, with a healthy pink color. When you notice changes in the color, strength, texture, or indentations of the nails, or other malformations, it is time to get it checked out by a specialized fingernail and hand doctor.

Doctor Rehman specializes in diseases and conditions of the fingernails and hand. Dr. Rehman will do a thorough evaluation of all possible underlying conditions, properly diagnose your condition, and prescribe a treatment program that will relieve your symptoms and resolve the root problem as well.

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