Worst Football Hand Injuries in the NFL

Unfortunately injuries are part of football – especially in the fierce and competitive arena of the NFL. While football may be more closely associated with injuries to the knee or ankle, football hand injuries are often as painful and uncomfortable, as well as devastating to a player’s career.

While an injured knee or ankle may appear swollen, rarely can an outside observer see just how difficult it is to bend the joint. With an injured hand, however, one can clearly see how difficult it is for the injured individual to operate.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few incidents that sent NFL stars rushing to a specialized Hand Injury Doctor fro their football injury.

Anthony Munoz Football Hand Injuries

Macomb County football fans will recognize Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz as one of the Cincinnati Bengals all-time greatest offensive lineman. During his NFL career, an accident out on the field left Munoz’s pinky bent at a 90 degree angle. But despite the severity of the injury, Munoz declined the care of a football hand injury doctor.

Concerned that treating the injury would negatively affect his ability to play golf, Munoz’s mangled pinky remains untreated to this day, constituently claiming “it doesn’t hurt.” It’s a shame, because if Munoz had visited an expert football hand injury doctor -like Dr. Rehman at Macomb County Hand Surgery- the offensive lineman’s little finger would not be left permanently, disturbingly dislocated.

Michael Strahan Football Hand Injuries

Former New York Giants defensive end and current co-host of Good Morning America on ABC Michael Strahan has also sustained injury to his fingers. Strahan’s career on the field has led to multiple visits to his football hand injury doctor -something some might consider a small price to pay for his Superbowl ring, which commemorates his role in an 18-0 upset against the New England Patriots.

But even after top-of-the-line care from his football injury hand doctor, Strahan’s fingers remain permanently bent in an unsightly position.

Strahan’s injured fingers became the subject of attention at a recent Knicks-Raptor’s game, where the defensive-end-turned-TV-host sat next to Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. Strahan demonstrated to Miranda his ring finger’s ability to bend at a full 90-degrees, much to the Broadway visionary’s surprise.

Ronnie Lott Football Hand Injury

Perhaps no football hand injury story is worse than that of Ronnie Lott. In 1986, after breaking his pinky finger playing for the San Francisco 49ers, Lott notoriously chose to avoid the long recovery time of reconstructive surgery by taking drastic, immediate measures. Despite being universally discouraged from doing so, Lott requested his football hand injury doctor amputate his injured pinky. This was a foolish decision that he immediately regretted and admits he will continue to regret for the rest of his life.

“I was trying to laugh it off, but I felt sick” Lott said in an Associated Press interview shortly after the amputation. At Macomb County Hand Surgery, football hand injury doctor Uzma Rehman helps her patients avoid the same mistakes as Ronnie Lott; treating broken fingers through conventional methods rather instead of amputation.

Football Hand Injuries in High School Sports

Even in High school football, studies reveal that there are 4.3 hand/wrist injuries per 10,000 athletic events. Studies also report that the prevalence of injuries related to high school athletics is increasing in severity. And, even with treatment available from a specialized football injury hand doctor like Macomb County Hand Surgery’s own Dr. Rehman, professionals agree that more must be done to prevent such injuries in the first place.

Football Hand Injury Doctor – Macomb County

If you are the parent of a student who has suffered a football injury or pain in their fingers, wrist, elbow or arm, contact board certified Macomb County hand doctor Uzma Rehman, MD as soon as possible for a comprehensive evaluation and consultation.

As with every type of hand or wrist injury, early detection, rapid intervention, and a state-of-the-art treatment or therapy plan is the most effective way to ensure that any athlete heals rapidly – with no long term adverse effects or complications.

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