Tendon Repair & Treating Tendon Damage

Cuts to the finger can sever the tendon – which can be a serious injury with long-term effects, so seeing a hand doctor is very important. When tendon damage occurs to either of these, it not only has potential to be extremely painful, but may also result in complete loss of function, as well as damage to the surrounding tissue.

Anytime a person suffers from a severely cut finger and/or tendon damage, it is crucial that they seek out the care of a hand surgeon.

Diagnosing Tendon Damage

Detroit area board-certified hand surgeon Dr. Uzma Rehman carefully checks each cut finger or potentially damaged tendon for swelling, bruising, and visibility. To further determine the presence of tendon damage, or to see if any trauma was sustained by the bones, an x-ray may also be ordered.

Treatments for Tendon Repair

It is impossible for tendons to heal if their ends do not touch. As a result, most tendon damage that results from a complete tear will require surgery. However, in cases of tendon damage that resulted only in a partial tear, a number of non-surgical treatment options are available.

Partially-torn tendons may heal after being fitted with a splint. Applying ice to the impacted area may also help with pain, as can pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. When examining the patient’s level of tendon damage, Detroit-area board certified hand surgeon Dr. Uzma Rehman will carefully determine if non-surgical treatment options will be sufficient, or if the damage incurred requires surgery.

Surgical Treatment For Tendon Repair

Through minimally invasive surgery, Detroit area board certified hand surgeon Dr. Uzma Rehman can reverse the effects of tendon damage by suturing the tendons together.  Whether the damaged tendon is torn straight across, pulled off the bone, or cut at an angle, the damage may be repaired through surgically suturing it back together.

The success of tendon damage surgery is contingent largely on when it is performed in relation to the injury – the sooner the damaged tendon is treated, the greater the likelihood of full function and recovery. Following surgery, patients will be fitted with either a splint or a cast, which must generally be worn for roughly two weeks. In most cases of tendon damage, when treated swiftly, patients enjoy a full recovery after about three months.

As the means by which cut finger and tendon damage is treated can have significant impact on the future of the hand’s functionality, Detroit area board certified hand surgeon Dr. Uzi Rehman carefully evaluates not only the patient’s condition, but also occupation and general lifestyle when determining a treatment plan that is right for them.

Tendon Repair – Detroit, MI

While a simple cut to the finger may seem like little cause for alarm, it has the potential to cause long-term tendon damage if the tendons are damaged. Prompt treatment – within 7 to 10 days or less is essential to support proper healing.  If you are in the Detroit, MI area and suspect you made have sustained tendon damage, contact us today.

Your hands are vitally important to everything you do. Rapid detection, diagnosis, and treatment is the most effective way to ensure you heal completely, and do not suffer long term consequences.

Doctor Rehman will assess your individual condition, and offer the best state-of-the-art treatments that are best for your hand injury or illness.

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