Joint Surgery for Hand & Wrist Arthritis (Part 1)

Every joint serves a different function and performs different task. For this reason, the best hand joint replacement surgery options differ according to the specific joint that is involved.

In this two part article we discuss some of the generally situations in which one joint surgery is usually better than another type of joint surgery for a specific joint. However, your case may differ. To understand which hand surgery is best for you, schedule a consultation and diagnosis with board certified hand surgeon Dr. Rehman.

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Best Surgery for Thumb Basal Joint

The thumb basal joint is where your thumb connects to your wrist. This joint undergoes a great deal of very high stress and impact with even normal daily activities. This predisposes the thumb basal joint to a great deal of wear and tear. As a result, arthritis of the basal thumb joint is very common, especially in women.

Joint replacement is frequently performed on this joint in order to eliminate pain while restoring mobility to this important joint. However, artificial silicone joint replacements are typically not successful in this location, due to implant failure from the high amount of stress on the joint.

Generally, the most highly recommended joint replacement surgery for the thumb basal joint is performed using natural material. This procedure is called “ligament reconstruction-tendon interposition” – or LRTI. It is also sometimes called a tendon roll or “anchovy procedure”.

During LRTI surgery, the patient’s own tendon is used to stabilize the thumb as well as to resurface the joint. Long-term results are typically excellent, providing joint stability as well as pain relief.

Best Surgery for Wrist Joint

Generally, the best treatments for patients with wrist arthritis are surgical joint cleaning, or fusion.

Joint replacement is typically not recommended for wrist joint arthritis. This is because artificial joints often cannot withstand the amount of very strong impact and repetitive motions demanded of the wrist.

At this point, the artificial wrist-joints on the market are still experimental – and only being used in extremely low activity patients with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis arthritis.

Top Joint Surgery Bloomfield Hills

The hand, finger and wrist joints are very complex – and an experienced hand surgeon can offer you many nonsurgical and surgical treatment options. Deciding which joint surgery alternative is best for you will depend on many factors, including the amount of pain, the degree of arthritis, your age, your lifestyle, and which joint(s) are affected by your arthritis.

Board certified hand surgeon Dr. Rehman will carefully assess your condition, listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and help you determine which joint treatment or surgery is right for you.

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