Nerve Injury in Arm Can Trigger ALS

Increasingly, medical studies are reporting that nerve injury to the arm can eventually lead to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as ALS or “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” (named for the legendary New York Yankee who famously suffered from the condition).

Who Gets ALS

While Lou Gehrig is perhaps the most famous example, ALS is unfortunately very common among athletes, and people who regularly engage in intense physical activity, such as individuals in the military. ALS often develops after an injury, with the weakened muscle in the affected area incrementally spreading throughout the body until the muscles responsible for breathing are so weak that they cause suffocation.

Now, a study conducted by the University of Illinois at Chicago has suggested that nerve injury -including injury to nerves in the arm- can also trigger ALS.

It has long been understood that in many cases of ALS, the weakness caused by the disease starts in the extremities, such as the arm, with it then spreading throughout the body. Now, it has been observed that patients suffering from ALS will also report an injury -such as an arm nerve injury- having occurred in the time leading up to the development and spread of ALS.

The Relationship of Arm Nerve Injury & ALS

By studying the impact of environmental factors have on the development of ALS, it was determined that an injury as small as a single nerve in the arm is enough for the spinal cord to become inflamed to the point of causing ALS to spread. By identifying the spread of ALS through damage to nerves in the arm or other extremities, doctors will be able to develop new treatments that work to stop the spread of the disease from its onset.

As there is currently no means to stop or slow down the spread of ALS, patients in the Clinton Township area suffering from nerve injury to the arm are encouraged to seek out the treatment of arm nerve injury doctor Dr. Uzma Rehman for treatment before it develops into something more serious.

While the number of genes proven to be associated with ALS has grown over the years, as few as 10% of all patients suffering from ALS have any of these gene mutations. Furthermore, none of these genes provide insight as to why the disease starts off with weakness in one particular spot. This further supports the claim that injury -such as nerve injury to the arm- can result in ALS.

Clinical Study on Arm Injury & ALS

A study of the genetic component of ALS saw rats injected with a mutated form of SOD1 -a gene associated with ALS- which caused the rats to develop symptoms of ALS such as degenerative weakness of the muscles.

The SOD1-injected rats then had a single nerve in their leg surgically injured, which resulted in the ALS-like symptoms spreading throughout the rest of their body and never fully recovering. Due to the biological similarities between rats and humans, the nerve injury to the rats’ legs causing ALS-like symptoms supports the notion that nerve damage to the arm can result in the spread of ALS in humans.

The chain reaction of dying cells that occurs during nerve injury to the arm is believed to be responsible to the spread of ALS. I

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As with most medical conditions, early detection, awareness, and a prevention or treatment plan is the most effective way to combat the effects of conditions like arm nerve injury, and ensure that the condition does not worsen.

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