Non-Surgical Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Part 2)

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#4. Natural Anti-inflammatories for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Some foods and substances found in nature are known to reduce inflammation in the body. These can help, in some circumstances, offer relief from nerve pain that is caused or aggravated by inflammation.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, certain nuts, and even chocolate have all been acknowledged for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Studies have shown that certain spices may also reduce inflammation in the body. Many of these have been used in ancient medical traditions for centuries. These include:

  • Turmeric (Curcumin)
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Cinnamon

Research into how well these foods reduce inflammation in the body is promising.

Arnica is another plant derived substance – from the daisy family – that has been used medicinally to treat inflammation. Arnica cream may be applied topically, while Arnica Mon tana compounds (available at health food stores) is a homeopathic remedy taken orally to help reduce inflammation.

#5. Corticosteroids for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In cases of more advanced or severe pain, Dr. Rehman may inject your carpal tunnel with a corticosteroid such as cortisone to relieve pain.

Corticosteroids decrease inflammation and swelling, relieving pressure on the median nerve.

(Note that oral corticosteroids typically are not as effective as corticosteroid injections for treating carpal tunnel syndrome.)

If carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by rheumatoid arthritis or another inflammatory arthritis, then treating the arthritis may reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. However, this is unproved.

#6. Physical Therapy, Stretches & Exercise for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you are suffering from the pain, numbness and tingling of carpal tunnel syndrome, physical therapy (PT) can sometimes offers options to help you recover – without the potential downtime or side effects of surgery. PT is especially beneficially when started early after symptoms appear. You can learn more about the Physical Therapy we offer for carpal tunnel syndrome HERE.

Dr. Rehman can provide you with some simple stretches and exercises that may help your carpal tunnel system. We have also listed some exercises for carpal tunnel HERE. You can easily do these at work, while at your desk, or even when watching TV.

Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The conservative treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome we have listed are typically more likely to help if you have had only mild to moderate symptoms for less than 10 months.

However, if your symptoms are severe or don’t respond to other treatments surgery may be appropriate. Carpal tunnel surgery relieves pain and pressure by cutting the ligament pressing on the median nerve.

Clarkston Area Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Doctor

If you think you may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, contact Dr. Rehman for a comprehensive evaluation and consultation. As with most medical conditions, early detection, awareness, and a prevention or treatment plan is the most effective way to combat the effects of conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

She will assess your individual situation, and prescribe the treatments that are best for your condition.

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