Cut Fingers: When Tendon Damage is Serious

Cuts to the finger can sever the tendon – which can be a serious injury with long-term effects, so seeing a hand doctor is very important.

The flexor tendons, which attach the flexor muscles to the finger bones, are located on the palm-side of the fingers. The flexor tendons are responsible for the hand’s ability to flex the fingers, as well as its ability to grasp and grip. The extensor tendons are located on top of the fingers and allow for the fingers to straighten, as well as to grasp and let go of objects.

When tendon damage occurs to either of these, it not only has potential to be extremely painful, but may also result in complete loss of function, as well as damage to the surrounding tissue. Anytime a person suffers from a severely cut finger and/or tendon damage, it is crucial that they seek out the care of a hand surgeon.

It is possible for a cut finger to maintain its ability to move, as in the case of a partially severed tendon, but complete tendon damage to the flexor or extensor tendons will result in a complete loss of mobility.

Cut fingers and tendon damage are extremely serious, and in almost all cases require the immediate care of a hand surgeon. Anyone in the Detroit area suffering from cut fingers in the Detroit area is urged to seek out the evaluation of board-certified hand surgeon, Dr. Uzma Rehman, to determine the level of tendon damage.

How Cut Fingers Cause Tendon Damage

Tendon damage to the flexor or extensor tendons can often result from a simple-looking cut finger. As the hand is composed of a complex network of nerves, tendons, and blood vessel, cut fingers and tendon damage can have a catastrophic impact on a hand’s ability to function. In the case of deeply cut fingers, permanent tendon damage can be prevented after careful evaluation.

Patients suffering from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis may be more prone to tendon damage, as such conditions can significantly weaken tendons and make them more prone to tears. When a tendon is torn, the ends tend to pull away from one another, preventing the tendon damage from healing on its own.

In cases of complete tendon tears, patients almost invariably require the care of a hand surgeon, such as Detroit board-certified hand surgeon Dr. Uzma Rehman.

Diagnosing Tendon Damage

Detroit area board-certified hand surgeon Dr. Uzma Rehman carefully checks each cut finger or potentially damaged tendon for swelling, bruising, and visibility. To further determine the presence of tendon damage, or to see if any trauma was sustained by the bones, an x-ray may also be ordered.


Tendon Damage – Detroit, MI

While a simple cut to the finger may seem like little cause for alarm, it has the potential to cause long-term tendon damage if the tendons are damaged. Prompt treatment – within 7 to 10 days or less is essential to support proper healing.  If you are in the Detroit, MI area and suspect you made have sustained tendon damage, contact us today.

Your hands are vitally important to everything you do. Rapid detection, diagnosis, and treatment is the most effective way to ensure you heal completely, and do not suffer long term consequences.

Doctor Rehman will assess your individual condition, and offer the best state-of-the-art treatments that are best for your hand injury or illness.

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