Nerve Compression Syndrome in the Hand (Part 2)

Nerve compression syndrome can cause pain, numbness, and muscle weakness in the hand, arm, wrist and other extremities. In this two part article Macomb County hand specialist Dr. Uzma Rehman explains the causes, symptoms, treatments and outlook for Nerve Compression Syndrome in the hand.

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Treatment for Nerve Compression Syndrome in the Hand

Even before one seeks out the care of a hand specialist for their condition, nerve compression syndrome in the hand can often be treated through noninvasive therapies and simple changes to one’s lifestyle. Additionally, symptoms may also be eased by treating the underlying condition responsible for one’s nerve compression hand syndrome. For more relief from more severe cases, patients may be required to visit Macomb County hand specialist Dr. Rehman for surgery.

But prior to venturing down the surgical route, hand specialist Dr. Rehman advices that by adopting ergonomic strategies in one’s home or place of employment -thus avoiding movements that cause discomfort- nerve compression syndrome patients may experience improvement to their symptoms. Additionally, for patients whose nerve compression syndrome is the direct result of obesity, symptoms are often improved through weight loss.

By working with our highly trained and skilled physical therapists who specialize in conditions of the hand, our Macomb County patients are afforded improved rage of motion, strength, and flexibility to the affected area. Symptoms such as numbness and pain may also be improved by physical therapy. Hand specialist Dr. Rehman evaluates each of her patients’ symptoms during a consultation, and recommends the best treatment plan for them accordingly.

Symptoms such as pain and inflammation may also be alleviated by certain medications. Macomb County hand specialist Dr. Reman determines what to prescribe for nerve compression syndrome based on the severity of each patient’s individual symptoms, with medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, and corticosteroids among those commonly prescribed.

Hand specialist Dr. Rehman may also recommend the patient wear a brace or splint as a means of treating their nerve compression syndrome. In doing so, the patient avoids putting pressure on the afflicted nerve, allowing for a smoother, swifter recovery.

In treating nerve compression syndrome, Macomb County hand specialist Dr. Reman will typically only perform surgery as a last resort. The specifics of every case of nerve compression syndrome will be unique to the patient, but in most cases, surgery is not the most effective course of treatment.

Just like any other surgical procedure, treating nerve compression syndrome surgically subjects the patient to a range of risks and benefits, which the patient must weigh together in their decision to undergo the procedure. During their consultation, Macomb County hand specialist Dr. Rehman helps her patients understand the best course of treatment, and will determine whether or not their condition would see the greatest degree of improvement through surgery.

Outlook for Nerve Compression Syndrome

The long-term outlook for nerve compression syndrome varies from case to case. In the most severe cases -such as those left for too long without the care of a hand specialist- the affected area may experience permanent nerve damage and/or inability to function. Such cases, however, account only for a small percentage of all nerve compression syndrome occurrences. And with early diagnosis and treatment intervention from a hand specialist like Dr. Rehman, most nerve compressions of the hand can be remedied, and full function of the hand can be restored.

Hand Specialist – Macomb County

If you are in the Macomb County area and are experiencing symptoms associated with nerve compression syndrome, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with hand specialist Dr. Rehman. The care of a skilled hand specialist during the early stages of nerve compression syndrome is key to ensuring the condition improves before it is given the opportunity to worsen. Call today for a consultation.

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