Recent Study Reports Increase In Gymnast Injury

A clinical study by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) has reported that the number of arm, wrist, and hand injuries sustained by adolescent gymnasts has increased significantly. The study suggests that new training methods implemented by adolescent athletes could be the culprit for this recent string of gymnastic injuries.

While studies conducted in the past have also reported an increase of gymnastic injuries among adolescents, this particular RSNA study revealed gymnastic injuries to wrist and knuckle bones that previously had not been reported. The study also reported cases of gymnasts experiencing necrosis, also known as “early death” to the athletes’ knuckle bones.

In this article Oakland County hand and arm doctor discusses the results of this study. However, individuals in the Oakland County area who have experienced a gymnast injury are encouraged contact Dr. Rehman for a consultation.

Gymnast Injury Can Lead To Long Term Bone Damage

Medical professionals are of the opinion that adolescent gymnasts are putting a level of stress on their joints that could result catastrophic long-term injury. One of the most commonly reported gymnastic injuries is damage to the radius (the bone in the forearm), as the radius is generally subjected to the most stress during gymnastics.

When the radial growth plates are damaged, the bone will not grow proportionally to the rest of the skeleton, which can result in deformity to the bone. This is why the ulna of many gymnasts is longer than their radius. To avoid the need to surgically shorten the ulna and properly fit the bones of the wrist into the forearm, it is crucial for Oakland County individuals suffering from gymnastic injuries to seek out the care of a board-certified professional such as Dr. Rehman.

MRIs Were Used To Study Gymnast Injuries

During the study, 125 adolescent gymnasts ranging in age from 12 to 16 years old -twelve of whom experienced chronic wrist or hand pain from gymnastic injuries- were observed with an MRI.

The MRIs revealed a wide range of injuries incurred by the adolescent gymnasts, ranging from the radius and the small bones in the wrist to the knuckles and the fingertips. Doctors, including Oakland County’s board-certified Dr. Rehman, agree that these types of gymnast injuries have the potential to develop into early osteoarthritis.

Improper Training Can Result In Gymnast Injury

While further study will continue to shed light on this recent string of adolescent gymnast injuries, it is believed that changes to the training routines of young athletes could be implemented in order to avoid unnecessary stress to their still-developing bones.

Parents of young gymnasts should take great care to ensure their children engage in safe practice routines.

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