Joint Surgery for Hand & Wrist Arthritis (Part 1)

Every joint serves a different function and performs different task. For this reason, the best hand joint replacement surgery options differ according to the specific joint that is involved.

In this article we discuss some of the generally situations in which one joint surgery is usually better than another type of joint surgery for a specific joint. However, your case may differ. To understand which hand surgery is best for you, schedule a consultation and diagnosis with board certified hand surgeon Dr. Rehman.

Best Surgery for Joint Closest To the Fingertip (DIP)

The best treatment option for advanced arthritis for joint closest to the fingertip (DIP joint) is generally joint fusion. This is because pain is relieved, while functioning of the hand is only minimally affected by lack of motion at this joint after fusion.

However, the DIP joint is typically not a good location for joint replacement, because the bones involved are very small and do not hold a joint implant very well.

Best Surgery for second joint from the fingertip (PIP)

Joint replacement is commonly considered a good treatment for arthritis in the second joint from the fingertip – also known as the PIP joint.

The small or “baby” finger and the ring finger are typically considered to be the best candidates for joint replacement – since they are most needed for powerful grasping.

However, joint replacement is not typically recommended for the index finger PIP joint, because it must withstand strong sideways force when turning, opening or manipulating of objects – like turning a key or opening a jar. This forces can cause too much stress on the artificial joint, leading it break.

Joint fusion is generally not recommended often for second joint from the fingertip, because hand function, especially grasping, can be hindered by joint fusion.

The best candidates for PIP joint replacement are patients with rheumatoid arthritis, as well as older, lower-activity patients who will not put undue stress on the artificial finger joint(s).

Best Surgery for Third Joint from the Fingertip (MCP)

The third joint from the fingertip – or MCP joint – is generally an excellent location for joint replacement surgery.

The most common candidates for MCP joint replacement are patients suffering from joint destruction due to rheumatoid arthritis. However, osteoarthritis rarely affects the third joint from the fingertip.

Silicone joint replacement of the third joint from the fingertip has been in practice since the 1960s, and offers highly effective long-term results.

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Top Joint Surgery Bloomfield Hills

The hand, finger and wrist joints are very complex – and an experienced hand surgeon can offer you many nonsurgical and surgical treatment options. Deciding which joint surgery alternative is best for you will depend on many factors, including the amount of pain, the degree of arthritis, your age, your lifestyle, and which joint(s) are affected by your arthritis.

Board certified hand surgeon Dr. Rehman will carefully assess your condition, listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and help you determine which joint treatment or surgery is right for you.

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